Rump Cap

It has an incomparable fiber structure, which perfectly complements its powerful interesting taste, in which you can catch the notes of game. The meat for this steak is taken from the Kostrets goby. In itself, it is quite lean, but a small strip of fat along the edge of the steak adds “Ramp Cap” necessary juiciness. Probably the structure will not allow this steak to melt in the mouth, but the real “meat-eaters” will appreciate the “Ramp Cap”. In Latin America, this steak is more popular than Filet Mignon or Ribeye.

Recommended roasting: medium
We classify our “Ramp Cap” as follows on a five-point scale:

  • Marbling: 3
  • Tenderness: 2-3
  • Intensity of taste: 4
  • Fiber structure: 3
  • The presence of fat: yes